How I Escaped Boko Haram: One Woman’s Story.

How I Escaped Boko Haram: One Woman’s Story.51dee736-700f-435b-84d2-c662def77b18

A woman named Buba who looked like she’s in her mid thirties shared the experience she had with members of the Boko Haram Group – a group currently considered the deadliest terrorist group in the world.

She narrated how her town,  Bama was attacked and lots of women and children abducted. She regretfully mentioned how her husband was slaughtered by ten men and her house totally burnt,  right in her presence.

She,  together with her five children were held by Boko Haram for three months in awful human maltreatment. She  related how she devised several means of pretence indicating she was insane. This she did by rubbing dirts and almost everything she could lay her hands on,  on her body.  She succeeded with her strategies of insanity and was ignored by the Boko Haram sect,  especially since she became useless to them.

Buba and her five children had to trek several kilometres barefoot without food . All six starved for not less than three days till they located the Maiduguri camp. Her children were given apt and immediate treatments.

Buba prefers staying in the IDP,  Maiduguri camp where she stays with other 5, 500 people and could only be entitled to two meals per day to the Boko Haram camp.

She awaits the time it would be declared safe for her to return back home even though she can’t comprehend how she would survive with her children when she does, eventually.

The rural part of Northern Nigeria is still too risky to stay,  according to NGO.


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