No Show face for Ogoni Land!!! Niger Delta Militants Tell Buhari

Prior to President Muhammadu Buhari’s proposed visit to Rivers State on Thursday, 2nd of June 2016,according to reports gathered, one of the Niger Delta Militants said the president should sign his death warrant if he ever make attempts to visit OgoniLand, Port-Harcourt or any of the Niger Delta communities ‘Biafra Land’ in the state. President Buhari was advised to quietly let the sleeping dogs lie and not dare to step into OgoniLand and assures the public that any Niger-Deltan who decides to accompany him would permanently visit their grave that same day.


This could¬† put the Rivers state governor, Mr Wike in dilemma due to the rigorous plans and massive security measures he has instructed to be taken across the state towards his visit and more so that the launching of the ‘Clean-up of OgoniLand’ and other communities in the Niger Delta¬† is the conspicuous reason why president Buhari is visiting the state.

Governor Wike made the announcement in a state broadcast on Wednesday to put a temporary ban on the operation of tricycles and motorcycles in Gokana and Khana local government areas.

The governor however said the people of Rivers state are indeed grateful for this rare opportunity to host the president and believes ultimate security measures are being taken to welcome the president.

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