Help!!! Building Collapse At Queen’s Barracks, Apapa, Lagos.


Here is a picture of a dilapidated Barracks building. This barracks was said to be  named after the Queen of England, hence the name Queen’s Barracks. It is situated at Apapa Lagos, and has  been in existence for years but it’s collapsed now and it obviously pose havoc to people’s lives especially those that stay in the area.

The general public and residents of Queens Barracks hereby appeal to the government to help save this barracks from total extinction. #letsMakeNigeriaBetter#   #NigeriaCanBeBetter#   #LetsBeOurBrothersKeeper#   #WeLoveNaija#   #MakeNaijaBetter#

D.M: Having fallen into a state of disrepair, especially through neglect.

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