YabaTech Shuts Down As A Result Of Fire Outbreak

One of the female hostels of YabaTech in Lagos, the Bakassi Hostel was on fire yesterday morning, Wednesday the 23rd of November for not less than 2 hours before firefighters were able to locate the burning hostel.

yabatech The fire which started around 5am razed from the top part of the building before extending to the other parts. 20 rooms were completely damaged beyond repairs and 5 other rooms were burnt partially.

YabaTech has been shut down and all activities suspended due to the fire outbreak. In a statement made by Charles Oni on behalf of the management of the school, he said;

“Sequel to the unfortunate fire incident at the Bakassi Hostel early this morning, the management has suspended all academic activities till further notice.

“By this notice, all examinations and lectures, especially scheduled for today have been put on hold while the College attends to the exigency.

“The management regrets the misguided and outright falsehood on the social media and calls to certain radio stations that there was no water on campus to quell the fire. The truth is that firemen needed an excavator to attend to the fire, which the college provided promptly”.

The cause of the fire outbreak remains a mysery.

D.M: Mysery is something secret or unexplainable.

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