The Federal Government And Other Stakeholders Consider Non Associated Gas Fields

Continuous power shortage and short supply of gases to power plants has been a source of concern to stake holders in Nigeria. In this light, the Federal Government, Nigerian Liquefied and Natural Gas, Gas Marketing Companies and others are showing more interest in developing Non associated gas fields. This is to improve gas supply to power plants in the country.

The House of Representatives’ committee on power advised the Federal Government of Nigeria and other stakeholder to increase the exploration of Non Associated gas fields.

Hon. Dan Asuquo, the committee chairman, said the primary purpose is to provide an alternative of providing gas to power plants. In view of the fact that power plants get most of their gas from associated gas fields. Furthermore, he said the attacks on oil facilities is worrisome. He however mentioned that the fields attacked are associated gas fields. These are fields which have both oil and gas.

In Asuquo words, “Non-associated gas fields are believed to have enough gas reserves, as against the associated gas fields. This is the reason the Committee advocated the use of associated gas fields, by critical stakeholders in the industry.”

“Militant activities are making it difficult for thermal plants to access gas in Niger-Delta region;when the government looks beyond the region for gas procurement, the better for the plants and the sector in particular.”

According to Asuquo, he said when new gas fields are explored outside the region then the agitation and violence would end. Worthy of note also is emergency systems should be put in place to get gas to power plants which are on short supply.

Militancy in the Nigeria Delta region has caused Nigeria to lose $100billion, according to Dr. Emmanuel Kachikwu, the minister of petroleum.

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