Say Byebye To Pimples With These Easy Methods

Pimples are swellings on the surface of a skin. They are raised spots mostly filled with pores which could be very painful especially when bursted.

Much readily connected with adolescence, pimples is one of the most irritating things teenagers battle with. Pimples tend to pop up on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back et al.

Many adolescents often stress their pimpled faces by applying different types of treatments after which the face eventually lose its youthful glow.

The good news however is, the following simple remedies would put a final stop to your endless efforts and you will get that perfectly smooth skin you have ever dreamt of.

What To Get;

A mild toilet soap,

A soft sponge or foam and

A seperate (small) towel for your face.


Have your bath at least twice daily using warm water preferably,

Wash your face with a mild soap,

Gently scrub your face using the soft sponge or foam (this sponge should be used for the face alone),

Towel dry your face with the small towel (this towel should be entirely different from the towel you use for the body),

Cultivate this face-washing habit and adopt the above processes and

Wait to see the pimples disappear to never reappear.

D.M : Remedy is a medicine, application or treatment that relieves or cures a disease.

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