New Terrorist Attack On London Bridge 2017

There is a new terrorist attack in the UK on London Bridge, it all started at 10:08pm when the police received a call that a van drove into the pavement and hit several pedestrians on London Bridge. The stories are unfolding gradually and the dots are being connected as more eye witnesses are being interviewed.

After the van hit a number of pedestrians, three men came out of the van with knives, ran into the streets and begun stabbing innocent people in the streets. Witnesses said the attackers shouted “this is for Allah” as they stabbed people randomly on the streets. It is reported that these men wore suicide vests that turned out fake.

These men ran into Borough Market, entered into pubs and stabbed people at random. Crowds fought back hurling objects at these attackers. Calls were made to the police and they arrived the scene in 8miutes and shot 50rounds killing all three men. However, they were already able to wreck a lot of damage, it is reported that 7 people have been killed and 48 injured.

No names have been released by the authorities. However, one of the perpetrators is claimed to have a wife and two children. It is said that this attacker’s parents are asylum seekers from Pakistan. His mother is late and his father lives in east London too. He worked with London Underground according to reports.

The Police says at least seven people were killed. Christine Archibald a Canadian was the first victim to be identified. Her family said she was a loving person and believed that everyone is important in a statement “We grieve the loss of our beautiful, loving daughter and sister. She had room in her heart for everyone and believed strongly that every person was to be valued and respected.

“She lived this belief, working in a shelter for the homeless until she moved to Europe to be with her fiance. She would have had no understanding of the callous cruelty that caused her death.”

May Theresa the Prime Minister in the UK condemned the killing saying “enough is enough” and is ready to take the bull by the horns. She said the UK “cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are” as she set tougher measures to deal with terrorism. She said that would mean stricter regulation on the internet and the “Safe spaces” in which terrorist “breed” would be eliminated.

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump in a tweet gave his support for the UK. “Whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the UK, we will be there – WE ARE WITH YOU. GOD BLESS!”. Other world leaders have also condemned the killing, including French President Emmanuel Macron who said France “is more than ever at the side of the United Kingdom”.

People are being warned to steer clear of London Bridge and Borough Market.

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