Watch What You Say About Yung6ix, DJ Timmy To Akpororo

Here is the full story surrounding the outburst and on-going rift between Jephthah Bowoto, best known as Akpororo, who is a Nigerian StandUp comedian, vocalist and actor and Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix.

Yung6ix, Onome Onokohwomo is a hip-hop and Afro hip-hop recording artiste. Some days back, the Warri-born singer who is yet to have any hit song to himself shared a receipt of the N3.9million he alone spent on drinks at a club on social media.

The beef kick-started at the Gbenga Adeyinka’s concert at Ilorin where Akpororo, was an MC. The comedian made an innocent reference to Yung6ix’s post by advising that he should have used the money to buy a hit track for himself instead of spending lavishly on drinks.

This joke obviously didn’t go down well with Yung6ix as the rapper shared a disappointing post on one of his social media accounts.

He said “Na wah oh, this life sha. Even Akpororo that I see as a big bro hating on me. You’ll never who wants to see you fall. God is with us”

Yung6ix’s personal DJ, DJ Timmy also did not find Akpororo’s statement funny at all. He reacted to the situation by throwing a deep shade, a very strong one at Akpororo by saying he knows a particular dancer who enslaved the comedian’s wife sexually for 4 years. He continued by saying that she got pregnant severally for the dancer and aborted 5 times.

Dj Timmy.

What he wrote;

“@akpororo nobody is scared of you on this side. You are a loser and a never do well. Your jokes will put you in trouble and will make you get shot. Watch your mouth and things you say about the king of the south @yung6ix. PD of explicit dancers held your wife as a sex slave for over 4 years in LEADCITY UNIVERSITY and sold her to you and you have the guts to make jokes about SWAGGALOMO. The voice notes, pictures are all ready. You stay in OKOKO , I am in AGBARA. We de wait you.”

The DJ also went on to release a video on his instagram account to continually mock the comedian, dragging him about his wife’s sexual escapades long before she got married to him (Akpororo).

Foremost blogger in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji reached out to Akpororo, asking if any legal action would be taken against the rapper and his DJ. The comedian responded, “No need, no need. Don’t worry, they are just joking. No need.”

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