You will Not Get Away With Rigging – Reno Omokri Warns Buhari

Former aide to ex president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri advises President Muhammadu Buhari against rigging of votes in 2019.

The famous writer and lawyer obviously got irritated by a statement from the president showering praises on late Sani Abacha, commending him for “building roads and hospitals” during his tenure; a statement which threw many Nigerians off balance.

“I don’t care the opinion you have about Abacha, but I agreed to work with him and we constructed roads from Abuja to Port Harcourt, Benin to Onitsha and so on.” Buhari said

Amongst several other reactions to this controversial statement, Omokri warns the president against rigging his way back into Aso rock come 2019 in one of his many tweets yesterday. His words;

“Muhammadu Buhari, I warn you, if you try to rig your way back to power with undearaged voters, Nigerians will not accept it. We are gathering factual evidence of this and other acts. You will not get away with it! Just prepare to return to your homosexual cows in Daura peacefully.”


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