Ban Shisha! Federal Government Cries Out

Federal Government of Nigeria calls for the immediate ban of shisha. Shisha, also known as  water-pipe tobacco is a tobacco concoction smoked in or through a hookah/ hose.

Earlier this year, the Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) advised the Nigerian government to follow the example set by other African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda… of banning the smoking of shisha especially in public places. According to the body, Shisha is considered to be highly toxic, addictive and has a deadly effect on users. Studies  show that people who smoke just one single session of shisha are in reality consuming the content of about 100 or more cigarette. Shisha smokers also stand an increased risk of heart diseases, cancer, lung disease and many other deadly ailments.

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The Deputy Executive Director of ERA/FoEN, Akinbode Oluwafemi advised the Federal Government to put a ban on the importation and smoking of shisha as soon as possible as shisha bars are being raised across Nigeria and the trend is already eating deep into Nigerian youths, elites and celebrities.

“The tobacco industry will stop at nothing in their quest for more lungs to consume their products. The federal government must act proactively by banning shisha and closing the shisha bars if we do not want our kids to become prime targets to be recruited into smoking. There should be no more delay on this.”  he said.

Fast forward to the 2018 World No Tobacco Day on Monday, Prof Isaac Adewole called on government agencies and the police to enforce a ban on shisha smoking as it poses great risks to not just the users but also to the general public. He said shisha is just another form of a flavored tobacco and is as dangerous as smoking cigarette.

“Let me stress that the ban on tobacco products with characterising flavours is still in place and the ban includes shisha because it has flavour. I, therefore, urge the Consumer Protection Council and the law enforcement agencies to intensify arrest of defaulters.” he emphasized.

In line with the theme “Tobacco and Heart Disease” and the slogan “Tobacco Breaks the Heart – Choose Health, Not Tobacco” for this year, intake of tobacco or tobacco products is highly harmful and health threatening. Tobacco and cardiovascular diseases (which is caused by exposure to  second-hand smoke) were and still are the world leading causes of death. Nigerians, both young and old are advised to run away from using tobacco products.

Source: Pulse Nigeria

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