About Us

Launched in June 2016, Eikins.com is built for persons with creative minds, intelligent people who enjoy both academia and social news. People seeking to have a balance of both academia and social news with a focus on Nigeria.

Intellectuals seeing a need to have a balanced information life. Intelligent and creative people who seek to balance both educational and social information. So, if you are geeky and would want to balance with social news and trends; and vice versa,  you are in the right place.

We write for intellectuals in Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the world at large. We believe it is through the right education that Nigeria can be changed and developed.

We provide academic research writings on diverse topics written by experts in these fields and can be reference for academic journals.

We are dedicated to giving free updates and providing free academic research on various subjects. The editorial team is highly competent and committed to providing you with the latest news and researched materials.

Eikins.com and its logo are intellectual property of Leheykins International Limited.

Materials are sourced from journals, world wide web, newspapers, etc. sourced materials are duly referenced on this website.

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